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Testimonials Mr. Marcellino Lefrandt and Family
Mr. Marcellino Lefrandt and FamilyActor, Indonesian
July 2012

“I have been taking my children to JWCC for a few years now. We always see Dr. Lineus Hewis. I bring my daughter for regular checkups and for her allergy medicine. We keep coming back to JWCC because the treatment we receive is always accurate and correct. Dr. Lineus is also friendly and compassionate”
Testimonials Mrs. Mieke Amalia, Mr. Tora Sudiro and Jenaka
Mrs. Mieke Amalia, Mr. Tora Sudiro and JenakaActress & Actor, Indonesian
March 2014

Mieke and Tora always bring their children for their pediatric services to JWCC because they find that it is very homey and conveniently located. Over the years, they have developed a good relationship with Dr. Lineus who is very attentive and caring to their family. Dr. Lineus always asks for feedback and insights on how their children fare after their last visit/ treatment. He also does not encourage the use of antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary. Mieke and Tora also complimented that the JWCC nurses are very communicative and friendly. They always greet them by their name. Besides that, they also find that the emergency call service after the office hours is especially helpful. To bothe, Mieke and Tora, JWCC service is second to none.
Testimonials Mrs. Jenniffer Aliwarga & Mr. Michael Hadipoespito with their first daughter baby Gail
Mrs. Jenniffer Aliwarga & Mr. Michael Hadipoespito with their first daughter baby GailSep 2017

My family and I live pretty far from JWCC, but when it comes to our first daughter"s health issues, we always strive for the best. So far, we only trust Dr Lineus for our daughter"s care. Aside from the credibility of the doctor, we also like the atmosphere and the service provided by JWCC; the administration staff is friendly and the nurses are very helpful. The 24-hour emergency call is a plus! Thank you for everything and all the best."
Testimonials Mrs. Krisdayanti
Mrs. KrisdayantiSinger, Indonesian
May 2013

In 2010, a friend of mine recommended me to visit Dr. Andi Hudono in JWCC. At that time I was looking for a doctor to assist me in getting pregnant as it could be quite challenging because I was no longer young. It was 12 years since I had my second child from a previous marriage. Dr. Andi had successfully helped me to conceive. Throughout my pregnancy, I had several doctors caring for me. Dr. Fitriyadi did my 4D scan. I also saw Dr. Robert for regular gynecology check-up. Dr. Lineus is now my child’s pediatrician. All of the JWCC doctors are very kind and professional. JWCC offers their service from the heart. It was always comfortable and the staffs were friendly, making me at ease with my last pregnancy and all of my visits. I am a satisfied client of JWCC.
Testimonials Mrs. Nadya Nurmalina and Naura
Mrs. Nadya Nurmalina and NauraApril 2014

Nadya got her first pregnancy under the program and care of Dr. Andi Hudono and Dr. Tribowo. She is now a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Naura. For Naura medical check up and routine vaccinations, Nadya sees Dr. Rudi. She has found that the doctors in JWCC are very helpful, responsive, and caring. The nursing staffs are very polite and friendly. She wishes that JWCC has a hospital facility soon.
Testimonials Miguel and Crisela Cervantes with baby Selina
Miguel and Crisela Cervantes with baby Selina"JWCC makes attending to the health of baby Selina as easy and comfortable as possible. We like that there is a nice, dedicated clinic for babies. Good service and doctors too!"
Testimonials Mrs. Veronica Pribadi with Shania
Mrs. Veronica Pribadi with ShaniaOct 2017

I have been visiting JWCC since my first pregnancy and all of my three children goes to JWCC for their regular check up and vaccination.
We are satisfied and happy with the service JWCC provide for me and my children. The attentive staffs and experienced doctors at JWCC provides us a peace of mind because we know we are in good hands. It has been our family clinic for the past 15 years and I am very thankful for everything it has provide for us.
Testimonials Caroline Buss
Caroline BussOct 2017

"Dr Robert is an excellent doctor. He talked us through the whole process of pregnancy and birth in detail. We like this professional and calm approach. Dr Lineus is also fantastic with kids, straightforward but understanding. We are very happy with him." -Caroline Buss with her three children Catherine, Wouter and Matt
Testimonials Mr. Rahmansyah Endi, Mrs. Rahma Sadikin with Amanayla
Mr. Rahmansyah Endi, Mrs. Rahma Sadikin with AmanaylaDecember 2017

"Terima kasih Dr. Andi Hudono & Dr. Rudi Hartono, JWCC & suster-suster. Servicenya sangat memuaskan."
Testimonials Mrs. Greez Natalia Numberi
Mrs. Greez Natalia NumberiOct 2017

"JWCC is like our 2nd home, the staff, the nurses and the doctors are warm and very lovely. Carina and Caleb loves to play at the play area.

Dr. Lineus is very kind and patience to us. Keep up the good work JWCC. God Bless"
Testimonials Nycta Gina
Nycta GinaOct 2017

WCC keren!! Kliniknya nyaman banget, ga kaya RS. Staffnya ramah-ramah. Dokter-dokternya kompeten dan tiliti
Testimonials Mr. Ronny Ongkowijoyo, Mrs. Vonny Pawitra with Kiara and Mia
Mr. Ronny Ongkowijoyo, Mrs. Vonny Pawitra with Kiara and MiaNovember 2013

Vonny was recommended to see Dr. Gozali when she was expecting her second daughter in 2010. When she went to labor at 2am, Dr. Gozali was extremely patient. She appreciated that she was not rushed through the process. After the birth, they took their baby to see Dr. Agung. Her husband, Ronny, and her claims that Dr. Agung is very genuine and caring. Dr. Agung often follows up with a phone call to check on their daughters’ condition after their visit to the clinic. The couple also find that JWCC has a wide range of excellent vaccination options and programs. The nurses remind them of their vaccination schedules and appointments diligently.
Testimonials Mrs. Lily Christina Djajadiputra
Mrs. Lily Christina DjajadiputraJune 2014

Lily first visited JWCC in 2008 to see Dr. Andi for an Intrauterine insemination (IUI), and she was blessed with a beautiful daughter. She went back to JWCC when she longed for a second child. As Dr. Andi was away, she was attended by Dr. Robert. She is now happy and pregnant. Although firm, she thinks Dr. Andi is easy to talk to and caring. He also oves to share some jokes with her. While Dr. Robert does not talk very much, she feels that he is intelligent and smart. Dr. Tri to her is very friendly. Overall, Lily praised all the doctors in JWCC. They were very good in handling the patients and would only instruct the necessary laboratory tests to be done, never excessive. The rest of the staffs were also very friendly and helpful. Last but not least, she finds that the emergency call system is valuable as she can seek help readily outside the clinic operating hours.
Testimonials Mrs. Lea Angeline Simanjuntak
Mrs. Lea Angeline SimanjuntakSinger, Indonesian
March 2014

Lea Angeline Simanjuntak and her siblings are loyal clients of JWCC. She has been seeing Dr. Utami since the birth of her first daughter 2.5 years ago for regular medical check-up, vaccinations, and breastfeeding consultations. Lea has had good experience with JWCC as she feels that it serves from the heart. The pediatric nurses are very friendly, and they would greet her by names. The security staffs are polite, and they would always assist her as she alighted from her car. She also finds that the clinic is comfortable and clean.
Testimonials Mrs. Sandra Angelia
Mrs. Sandra AngeliaSep 2017

"Always love JWCC! The staffs and doctors are friendly; Love the environment and their excellent services too! ❤️" - Sandra Angelia has been coming to JWCC since the birth of her first two boys. She"s currently expecting her third child
Testimonials Loemongga Haoemasan with Ghibran
Loemongga Haoemasan with GhibranOct 2017

"We"ve been going to this clinic for ages! We are happy with the staff (looove the nurses) And of course the doctors!! Keep it up."
Testimonials Aileen Sudarwo
Aileen SudarwoOct 2017

"Awesome services and great atmosphere at JWCC! The doctors, nurses and other staffs are all friendly and professional. It"s the perfect place for me to check everything I need both for myself as a new mum and for my son Jordan."
Testimonials Mrs. Rachael Moore
Mrs. Rachael MooreAustralian – Australian Embassy
July 2012

“I’ve been coming to JWCC since late 2012 to see Dr. Gozali. My doctor at the Australian embassy referred me to him as we have had some complications in the past. Dr. Gozali is the best obstetrician I have ever had. He is professional and reassuring. I come out of my consultations feeling empowered and informed. I am now six months pregnant and have highly recommended his services to friends and colleagues. My experience with JWCC has been wholly positive.
Testimonials Mrs. Cindynata Gunawan and Allesandra
Mrs. Cindynata Gunawan and AllesandraJune, 2012

Thank you for being very friendly and helpful on our visits.

All the doctors and nurses have high quality of skills, the clinic has been equipped with good technology too

Thankful to find the best clinic in Jakarta
Testimonials Mrs. Devi Japadermawan & Charlotte
Mrs. Devi Japadermawan & CharlotteJuly 2012

"The clinic is nice and clean. The doctors are all well qualified.."
Testimonials Mr. Maruli and Mrs. Mita Tampubolon with their daughter Jemima
Mr. Maruli and Mrs. Mita Tampubolon with their daughter JemimaSep 2017

This is the perfect place for us to check everything necessary about our babies. Services are outstanding, officials are polite, very professional and kindhearted. Much helpful in times of needs and very informative as well. All doctors are second to none. Thus, our experience is nothing but beautiful."
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