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LaboratoryThe on-sight laboratory ensures high quality laboratory services. The patient has the choice of having the sample/s tested and examined locally or in Singapore. Having the option to send the sample/s to Singapore allow/s the clinic to offer services that are not widely available in Jakarta such as Amniotic fluid testing and CVS sampling.PharmacyAdvantages of using our in-house pharmacy;• Convenience to get all your medicines straight away• Qualified and experienced pharmacists with highest level of expertise• Counseling for your medication and medication management questions• Educational Material on your medications and tips to keep you healthyCaféWe try to make your trip to the medical clinic as comfortable as possible and what better way to do than to provide facilities for you to enjoy the tranquil surroundings with a long cool drink and a light snack. Our small but well equipped café provides drinks and snacks to help take the anxiety out of waiting.MinishopA bundle of joy, they truly are!An extensive range of maternal and childcare products are available for your precious little ones in our minishop located on the 2nd floor.PlayroomThrough the eyes of a child, a medical clinic is not a place wherechildren would be excited to go to, however, JWCC has beendesigned with children and families in mind. The clinic has awarm and inviting ambience. A separate nursery has been made convenient for breastfeeding mothers. Fun colors adornthe children’s waiting room with playground equipments andprograms to keep them occupied. Our goal is to help childrenfeel secured in a caring environment.
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