About Us


  • Highly qualified & skilled physicians Our Doctors
  • Highly trained, friendly & caring nursing staffs
  • Affiliated with highly reputed Gynaecologists from Singapore and Malaysia
  • Complete facilities under one roof Our Onsite Facilities
  • Option to send blood and fluid samples to laboratory in Singapore for testing
  • State of the art equipments
  • Breastfeeding / lactation supports
  • 24 hour call service
  • Total confidence in knowing you are getting the BEST!


The Jakarta Women & Children's Clinic (JWCC) was established in August 2004 to delivery the very best in medical care.

The first of its kind, JWCC is a one stop integrated medical clinic that gives total attention to all the needs of both women and children. Besides being a medical center, JWCC also looks after the physical, psychological, educational and emotional needs of the entire family as well.

JWCC conveniently proveds the following services under one roof: paediatrics, obstetric, gynaecology, laboratory and pharmacy. The clinic is located in a beautiful residential area in South Jakarta. Once inside, a visitor cannot miss the feeling of ease and comfort we offer. A hospitality table is set up in the lounge to allow patients to wait in absolute comfort. JWCC has state of the art equipment and advanced investigative procedures. No expenses have been spared in purchasing the most technologically up-to-date equipment. As a patient you can be assured that you are getting the most advanced investigations and procedures.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the Gynaecology and Paediatric services in Indonesia by providing women and children with high quality medical care.

Our Vision

To provide Gynaecological and Paediatric services that are second to none. We will introduce more subspecialties in Gynaecology and Paediatric practices and expand our services to provide high quality medical care to women and children all over Indonesia.

We promise to take care… and deliver

  • JWCC mempunyai teknologi dan software yang advance dari klinik lainnya,  pada dokter dan staff yang professional dan ramah dan juga fasilitas lab yang bersih

    Mr. Beno Pandelaki and Mrs. Lolita Agustina
  • Excellent choices of OBGYNs and pediatricians which allow us to manage schedule easier and have OBGYN check ups and pediatrician check-ups together at one time. Convenient place to go!

    Mr. Regi Datau and Mrs. Ayu Dewi
  • Mieke and Tora always bring their children for their pediatric services to JWCC because they find that it is very homey and conveniently located. Over the years, they have developed a good relationship with Dr. Lineus who is very attentive and caring to their family. Dr. Lineus always asks for feedback and insights on how their children fare after their last visit/ treatment. He also does not encourage the use of antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary. Mieke and Tora also complimented that the JWCC nurses are very communicative and friendly. They always greet them by their name. Besides that, they also find that the emergency call service after the office hours is especially helpful. To bothe, Mieke and Tora, JWCC service is second to none.

    Mrs. Mieke Amalia, Mr. Tora Sudiro and Jenaka
  • I have been taking my children to JWCC for a few years now. We always see Dr. Lineus Hewis I bring my daughter for regular checkups and for her allergy medicine. We keep coming back to JWCC because the treatment we receive is always accurate and correct. Dr. Lineus is also friendly and compassionate

    Mr. Marcellino Lefrandt and Family
  • In 2010, a friend of mine recommended me to visit Dr. Andi Hudono in JWCC. At that time I was looking for a doctor to assist me in getting pregnant as it could be quite challenging because I was no longer young. It was 12 years since I had my second child from a previous marriage. Dr. Andi had successfully helped me to conceive. Throughout my pregnancy, i had several doctors caring for me. Dr. Fitriyadi did my 4D scan. I also saw Dr. Robert for regular gynecology check-up. Dr. Lineus is now my child’s pediatrician. All of the JWCC doctors are very kind and professional. JWCC offers their service from the heart. It was always comfortable and the staffs were friendly, making me at ease with my last pregnancy and all of my visits. I am a satisfied client of JWCC.

    Mrs. Krisdayanti